Oct 27, 2011

Tablespace Data mining

    Tablespace Data mining
      Let me call some of my findings as Oracle Tablespace Data minig some I dont know really what to name this some may call it as Tablespace cracking or hacking but I dont think so ;because what i done is just some analysis with  my current Database and its . DBF and .LOG file so we can call Tablespace Data-mining .

Note : When you are experimenting try to copy .DBF and .LOG file and experiment on the copied file .Most probably you may more details other than mentioned here .
Do experiment
.This is for non-encrypted tablespace

        In Redo Tablespace it records the changes , If you open the RED.LOG file in a text editor you will get dbms_job's 'WHAT' details if a procedure or function is given if query is given we will not get the query detail .Then NLS_LANGUAGE parameter can be searched then search for MAXVALUE keyword

If you open the tablespace you created for a particular schema or Database you will able to see what all data are stored in that DB in that tablespace