May 16, 2018

Minimum Viable Product in Agile

Coming up with an MVP is an art of brainstorming, identifying, splitting, including, excluding features which will result to deliver highest business value to the customer first. Sometimes more than one MVP combined as shippable release and it is known as Minimum Marketable Product (MMP).

 Setting the right expectation for MVP and MMP with stakeholders (especially with business) is very important and what can be expect from an MVP. Else business might expect each MVP will hit into market with all functionalities. Also you can experience a lot of love from business to keep all their features in a single MVP and not like to exclude features and its sub features is a common trend.
Each project/product priorities are unique, so identifying and defining MVP will vary from project to project or product to product.

So instead of following an MVP template, teams should more focus on collaboration and communication along with right set of stakeholders to come up with an MVP.

User Story Mapping is one of the popular way to derive MVP. In general, MVP should be a testable and have a left to right workflow or it can be a prototype too.
Product Backlog is the single source of input to the team for development. So MVP will be gradually turned into top prioritized PBI’s in your Product Backlog.

Product Owner is sole responsible person to come up with MVP with the help of other stakeholders.
A MVP can/cannot be shippable to the market and it will be decided by the Product Owner.