Feb 11, 2009

Split values ;///; Pyramid

To split values

CREATE OR REPLACE Function Tokenizer(p_string In VarChar2,
p_separators In VarChar2)
Return varchar2_table Pipelined
v_strs dbms_sql.varchar2s;
/*SELECT Tokenizer('1E030N,898989,6565,3535,67676',',') FROM DUAL;*/
With sel_string As (Select p_string fullstring From dual)
Select substr(fullstring, beg+1, end_p-beg-1) token
Bulk Collect Into v_strs
From (Select beg, Lead(beg) Over (Order By beg) end_p, fullstring
From (Select beg, fullstring
From (Select Level beg, fullstring
From sel_string
Connect By Level <= length(fullstring)
Where instr(p_separators,substr(fullstring,beg,1)) >0
Union All
Select 0, fullstring
From sel_string
Union All
Select length(fullstring)+1, fullstring
From sel_string)
Where end_p Is Not Null
And end_p > beg + 1;
For i In v_strs.first..v_strs.last Loop
PIPE ROW(v_strs(i));
End Loop;
End Tokenizer;

Check this query

select wmsys.wm_concat(case when Rn <=46 then Rn end) over(order by Rn) str
from (select RowNum as rn from all_catalog where RowNum <= 46);

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