Jul 28, 2011


- logging of job runs (job history) (maintain history and a copy of the log file in the database)
- simple but powerful scheduling syntax (similar to but more powerful than cron syntax)
- running of jobs outside of the database on the operating system (can schedule O/S scripts)
- resource management between different classes of jobs
- use of job arguments including passing of objects into stored procedures
- privilege-based security model for jobs
- naming of jobs and comments in jobs
- stored, reusable schedules
- dependencies between job units (10gR2 and up)
- scheduling based on financial calendars and fiscal quarters (10gR2 and up)
- event based jobs which run when an event is received (10gR2 and up)
- running of jobs on remote machines (11gR1 and up)
- e-mail notifications on job events of interest (10gR2 and up)
- starting a job based on arrival of a file (10gR2 and up)

dbms_scheduler has 200 percent more functionality than dbms_job and it makes the windows scheduler and cron look very silly.

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