Aug 17, 2011

Oracle Exdata

Exdata is a hardware machine which runs oracle database; supports OLTP, Database
Exologic is a hardware machine for application and primarily for cloud computing
Exadata X2-2 Hardware Architecture (FULL Rack)
DBA's has to think about storage server, DB server, storage connecting devices, fiber channel connectivity, Network components, OS, storage drives this all includes in Exdata

In Storage Grid of Exdata it contains 2 Xenon CPU with computing power which take care of processing inside the storages 
Flash is the key performance of Exdata machine. Its a kind of h/w in a pci slot where all your data is stored intermediately between db server and storage server. 
InfiniBand Networks (fiber channel has only 10gb/s) which is also a key performance of Exdata ;which used to transfer data between db server to storage which has high bandwidth

In Exdata is a preconfigured plug and play software .

Key Performance of Exdata
1)      Intelligent Storage Grid

2)      Hybrid Columnar Compression will compress 10 times the data

3)      Smart Flash Cache (patented product of Oracle) different from SSD; it’s a second SGA at storage level which also contains algorithm which drives the flash cache.

In Traditional San if we increase the storage it will not increase the db performance because the spindles of hardware will perform as usual to read from storage
In Exdata there storage is intelligent.  ( to get which is the fastest machine)
ROW level locking
it means any moment of time any person can do DML at a moment of time so entire table is locked ,so oracle introduced rowlevel locking mechanism which makes oracle faster
Rowlevel is managed at block level ultimate storage element of ur row.
RMAN is the backup in exdata

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